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tv   The Dylan Ratigan Show  MSNBC  May 5, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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need open heart surgery, that we owe far more than we actually have, much like so many countries in this world. audit the fed. senator bernie sanders' amendment that could come up for a vote anytime now, is that stress test. why is that? well, it would allow all of us to find out what is truly going on inside of the federal reserve even though we're probably not going to like the results. right now we know that the financial system has been and continues to leave garbage bags full of toxic assets at the front door of the federal reserve and the u.s. taxpayer. garbage bags filled with things like, i don't know, bankruptcy blue fins shares of the miami international airport, even a shopping mall in oklahoma. these ares bags. they bring these things in and you'd be shocked. you walk in if you're a triple-a rated bank and give to the federal reserve and they give you a big wash of cash bag.
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not just hilton, blue red fins and this sort of thing. there are so many shopping malls, you know these shopping malls all over the country, they were built by banks who were lending out to developers but nobody had the money. it was like a giant scam effectively and then the actual shopping mall debt is now owned by you and me at the federal reserve. that's fun. and hang on, let me see, oh, yeah, miami's nice in the winter. we own a nice slice at international airport at the federal reserve. nothing wrong with that, in theory. he here's the problem, we're not quite sure what this is all worth. i like a revenue -- i like miami but i don't like not knowing how much money we're giving for these assets. i do know that the federal reserve wrote the banks a check for a total of $13.9 trillion in exchange for these trash bags of again, piece of airports and whatnot. the point of audit the fed is to
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show all of us what's in these bags. that is, if the senate will stand up, call the doctor and give america the stress test that it deserves. and if it turns out we do have economic heart disease, that are there toxic assets and accounting fraud combined with leverage at the heart of the current banking scam and that bank profits are actually attacks on all of our businesses and all of our lives, not a profit, a tax that is assigned to us through the garbage bags at the federal reserve, well, that would force some major rethinking of a financial model right now based on rampant speculation as to how many you can pay back your bills by bankers who've convinced the government to collateralize and give away all of the money. politico's reporter. a strong case to audit the fed. who do you think is making a better case? those who would say, listen, we want to see, we want to know what's going on so we can deal
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with it and those who are saying, hang on a second here. don't -- if we find out how big the fraud is at the fed, god knows what will happen and we would rather live basically in denial. >> well, look, the transparency argument's really gaining momentum right now and it's this interesting right/left coalition. you've got ron paul on the one side. bernie sanders on the other side, about as far to the right and the left that you can get. they're both supporting this. and this transparency argument's really gang a lot of momentum right now. we could see something happen on this, on this reform bill and we just got late this afternoon a deal between shelby and dodd to start to move these things. we'll start to see some these amendments voting on. >> i want to bring in vermont's independent senator and sponsor of the audit, the fed bill, he's sponsoring this amendment in the senate. senator, how's it going? >> good, how are you. >> good. describe to meet momentum politically inside of the political party and also bridges they are building to people like kay bailey hutchison, perhaps tom coburn, and perhaps others
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like that. >> well, look i frankly have never seen an amendment, not only which has the kind of right/left support that we're seeing right now, but it's also true among grassroots organizations. you have the afl-cio, the seiu. you have, on the other hand, the americans for tax reform and other extremely conserveitable organizations coming together and saying look, if several trillion dollars of taxpayer money was lent out to large financial institutions we have a right to know who received that money. >> judd gregg, senator from new hampshire on our air yesterday. here was his comment about the trillions that federal reserve has given out to the banks. i would like to get your reaction. first, take a liftent. >> fed has put about $2 trillion into this system, independent of the t.a.r.p. money. that money is also being recovered by the fed. it hasn't been recovered. but they intend to recover it all. >> do you believe that?
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that they could recover it all? >> first of all eye don't know. judd gregg doesn't know. you don't know. we don't know who received it. they intend to. i'm sure they intend to. the question is, for example, did they use some of that money to invest in government bonds at 3%, having just received zero interest loans. why are they not -- how do we know if they are or are not presumably not lending out money to shawl businesses which is presumably the goal of that loans. there are conflicts of interest existing. you had lloyd blankfein in a room where aig got $185 billion in a bailout, and it turns out that goldman sachs, of which lloyd blankfein is the head, got over $13 billion. 100 cents on the dollar of payment. is that a conflict of interest? i think it is. there are a lot of conflicts of interest out there. bottom line is the american people have a right to know. and i think what senator gregg says tells us nothing.
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>> the biggest hesitation for those who express caution about this audit is that it will reveal unflattering things about decisions made by the treasury secretary, tim geithner. unflattering things about the structure of the financial system, as orchestrated by president clinton, bob ruben, larry summers, not to mention the bush administration, and some the accommodations that they made subsequently. how much of the resistance to auditing the fed is quite simply the status quo power structure not wanting to be revealed effectively as an emperor without clothing. >> dylan, i think that you make a very good point. what i can tell you is ben bernanke, who obviously was asleep at the switch when the financial institution's nearly collapsed, he was here on -- in the senate yesterday, as i understand it, lobbying against this amendment. we know that tim geithner, at least one senator, told me, has been on the phone, trying to get him to vote against it. you've got wall street, obviously, loving -- loving the
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secrecy that exists. idea that you can have these big tycoons in a room, basically deciding who gets huge amounts of money, is i guess the way they like to do business. but it is totally absurd i think from the point of view of the average american. >> two senators strike me, as i look at the -- as the momentum builds around this cause, if you will, to get their truth effectively, is at the heart of our financial system, it a fraud? is it -- how much is fraud? how much is stupid? how much is real? two people strike me. senator richard burr, republican from north carolina, and the sponsor of a bill to audit the federal reserve effectively in paralel to congressman ron paul, but he's not come out in favor of your amendment and yet he sponsors a bill to audit the fed. how much of that is because he is effectively behold tone bank of america in north carolina, gets a lot of money from the banks. sort of like warren buffett. >> let us not be naive.
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we are taking on the most powerful people in the world. we are taking on people who just last year spent over $300 million in lobbying. we are taking on people who sit behind closed doors and determine who gets tens and tens of billions of dollars in zero interest loans. so to think that you're not going to have senators peel off under that kind of pressure would be very, very naive. i just hope that taking on wall street, taking on the fed, taking on the obama administration, we can have 60 senators hanging in there for the american people. >> understood. senator, i know that you came out from the vote and i appreciate that. i'll let you get back in there. senator bernie sanders, we again wish you the best for us. thank you, senator. amion javers is still with us. the implications of a banking system that's paying its executives hundreds of millions of dollars a year for basically
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running a credit card book in loans, a lending book and a derivative book but that the risk protrial that business is being assign to the federal reserve in these garbage bags. it's as if the united states is responsible for the risk but private banking system gets the benefit of the profit and utilization. at what point will the politicians in this country wake up and smell the coffee that the american taxpayer is the sucker in a game that's being played, not for the benefit of america, but to america's detriment by its largest banks? >> well, we may be at the point here where senators are willing to vote for something like this. but just so your viewers understand, let me give you the fed's argument about why this is a bad idea. really pushing back on this. >> please. >> what the fed says that monetary policy, the raising and lowering the interest rate, ought to be completely independent from the political process. that is, you don't want a bunch of politicians raising and lowering interest rates for political reasons, changing them in an election year, that sort thing. you want this to be done by sort of a bunch of pointy heady
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academy types. that's why it was created in the first place. sort of sits outside of the political system on its own. they say that anything that would audit the fed would give congress sort of a cudul. that is made purely for economic reasons. that's the argument against what you are saying here. >> which makes sense if it wasn't for the fact that the fed is not run by a bunch pointy head academics. it's run by a bunch of bankers. our choices politicize the fed and have a bunch of congress people yammering about it or a bunch of giant bankers grab it and use it to trade in their garbage, and basically what is a lending ponzi scheme, and i think that the fed's argument falls down when our alternative is a lending ponzi scheme with no transparency, versus the risk of politization and i guess i would also say and not that the you're representing the argument, but i will represent the counterargument, if you will. >> sure. >> finally being, the fact that nothing could be more political
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than a decision by the federal reserve to monetize and print money in order to preserve the status quo even if the status quo has been proven to be completely corrupt and full of -- and riddled with conflict of interests. >> yeah. and one of the things that you're seeing in this proposal, one of the proposals out there now, the new york fed, for example, is controlled by a board of directors. >> sure. >> which includes many of the bankers that the fed is supposed to regulate. that's viewed on capitol hill by a lot of people as a conflict of interest. so they're going to change that, and make that a presidential appointment under the bill. but then you raise this question of politicalization. >> exactly. >> does the president then get on decide the policies at the fed? >> if we could see it then we would know and we would know whether the bankers are running a hollow banking system where they are extracting money to pay themselves but assigning the risk to the state, or they're actually running a banking system with capital in it, at which case they can carry on. anyway, eamon, pleasure for the conversation about. coming up here on the "dylan ratigan show" it's political fight over the times square
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bomber expanding. does he deserve his miranda rights? should he lose his citizenship? we'll break that down. but first, why that massive gulf coast oil slick is indeed headed towards florida. plus in greece today, riots, austerity and tax increases. is that america tomorrow? why disastrous greek debt, think of like the greek debt time machine, could happen here sooner than you think. national car rental?
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all right we're back with developing news on that massive and expanding oil spill in the gulf of mexico. now covering about 2,000 square miles in the gulf. new satellite photo shot outer edges of the slick has reached the mississippi river, delta. river also drifting into the so-called loop current, which would carry the slick east toward florida, and theoretically, around. today bp loaded a 100-ton containment on a barge. it should start capturing oil on monday, however the flow of oil does continue unabated and even though bp managed to cap one of the three leaks last night. think of it like wackomole and right now the coast guard is planning to set a controlled burn of potentially thousands of gallons of oil on the ocean's surface, or the sea's surface. meantime "washington post" reporting federal regulators exempted british petroleum, surprise, surprise from an environmental impact analysis last year. never asked to conduct it after concluding that a massive oil
4:17 pm
spill in the gulf of mexico in which a large volcano of oil erupted for months into the gulf, was simply too unlikely. sounds like a financial crisis, right? and just 11 days before the rig explosion bp was actually lobbying to expand all of those exemptions. why all of the goodwill from washington? you and i know why, bp's donated more than $3.5 million to politicians over the last two decades in order to get compliance and the largest recipient during that time period, none other than your own president, president obama who has a senate received more than $70,000 from bp. of course the bp also the largest recipient money from goldman sachs. meanwhile, more than 100 firefighters and police officer are going door-to-door in nashville today searching for residents in need of 13 -- in need, excuse me, after 13 inches of rain water ravaged the stay over the weekend causing flash floods submerging music city landmarks including the opry land hotel.
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parts the hotel still under ten feet of water. forcing the evacuation of nearly 1,500 people. damage estimates well into the tens of millions. 18 deaths have been confirmed. and there is concern that number will get bigger. and then, breaking news right now from overseas. as a result of the debt crisis that exists in that part of the world, violent bank protests tied to the greek financial crisis has now turned deadly. senior officials saying firefighters could have saved three bank workers trapped in a building burning today but demonstrators refused to allow the firefighters into the bank. protesters throwing molotov cocktails at police and torching buildings in their path. for their part, cops responded with tear gas and a show of force, all of the anger tied to, again, austerity and taxes enforced and exchanged for a $141 billion emergency bailout from the international monetary fund to prevent their entire
4:19 pm
economy from collapsing. our next guest at the forefront of similar efforts to prevent that type of activity or anything remotely like it from making it too our shores. he is the ranking republican on the house budget committee, congressman paul ryan, live with us from capitol hill. and congressman ryan, it's a pleasure to see you. i know you had meetings today, in fact, is the conversation -- when you look at this, you've got austerity as an option, you've got taxation as an option and you also have efficiency and the end of game-rigging in the government as an option. i presume all three are on the table. >> yeah. do you run into trouble when you propose austerity and taxation but you end up with game-rigging and end up like greecey. >> we will end like greece. by the way, hi, dylan, nice to see you. >> we're on tv so i figured -- >> right. so we'll end up with a greece-like situation on our hands. that's something that we know is coming by orders of magnitude even worse than this if we don't do something to fix it so that's
4:20 pm
what the fiscal commission's designed do. i nake a policy of mine not to sort of get on this table talk. what's on the table, what's off of the table. >> and i don't want do that, but listen three baskets here -- austerity, taxation and game-rigging -- things like auditing the fed, mechanisms in which there are many, where risk is given to the american taxpayer and given on america's future by private businesses and in that case, financial institutions, who then take the money today and give the risk to america tomorrow. >> absolutely. absolutely. so -- so that kind of casino and then the clone capitalism. a spending problem. i mean literally if the revenues were -- if they were at trend levels which they're going to get back to that, the problem is spending literally doubles in size relative to everything else within one generation. by the time my three kids are my age the government today will be more than double what it is today in percentage of our
4:21 pm
economy. >> we get the problem. >> we have to deal with these spenders. >> so you've got to deal with spending. >> uh-huh. >> and you also have to deal with creating actual capitalism once again. a low lending process, you have a high-yield investment process and a robust educational system so that human beings are not trying to figure out how to pick each other off, make business for one another. >> that's right. >> is that where the conversation is in this commission? >> right now the conversation's on just the fiscal policy. so -- on numbers. we just started this thing a week ago. so you know, today we started talking about discretionary spending and going through the components of discreation spending. that's grown a lot lately and so that's something that's got to get taken under control. if you go to my road map plan you'll see that i talk about education quite a bit. lifelong career-learning education. the ability to go back it a school when they've been displaced from a industry that's no longer. but i completely agree with that but right now we're basically
4:22 pm
educating ourselves on this. so people are getting educated as to what exactly is the problem, diagnotes problem, help educate the public as to what exactly the fiscal problem is and then we've got work on over the course of this summer and into the fall, solutions to this problem. >> yeah. again, i guess one of the -- and this is a preemptive concern on my part, i don't have evidence for it at this point and although i've seen it in the history politically as you go for the low-hanging fruit which is some of the discretionary spending and some of the things that are easy headlines. >> small, small stuff. >> yeah, you and i both know as a percentage of our book, that's nothing compared to social security, health care and defense. >> absolutely. >> those three. and the issue of game-rigging, chrony capitalism. those strikes me like the elephants in the room. do you feel your panel, your group, has the guts, if you will, to actually deal with the big -- the elephants? >> i don't know about that. i really don't. i just don't know the answer to
4:23 pm
that question, if it's because houtcommission is designed and rigged. i just don't know if it's going to have that. now the things you've mentioned before which i'm really worried about. the casino and the chrony capitalism that speaks to what kind of country we're going to be. that speaks to are we going to be an upwardly mobile society where people based on merit can get ahead, not based on all of this other of you. >> thank you. >> and will we help -- cut deals with large got try to freeze their station in life at the expense of the little guy who's treating small business and trying to become a big business. i worry that that's the kind of system we might end up creating for the 21st century. it's inherently what i would call the american idea. that's not something that this commission will deal with. financial regulatory reform deal with. focussed on the traditional trajectory of this company and we both know the fiscal trajectory is driven by the entitlement programs and it's entitlement programs that have to be reformed, have to. they will be reformed no, question about that, the question is, do we do it now?
4:24 pm
to do it with the long lead time. people don't get affected. that's deal. that's the question. i don't know the answer. i don't know what the outcome of this is going to be. >> yeah, like i said at the top of the show, congressman, we're a man with a heart condition who refuses to go to the cardiologist to find out exactly what the prognosis is. and it's as if -- my concern i guess, congressman is that too march our politicians are concerned that doing the right thing now, which would mean some disruption for us right now, by the way. >> that's right. >> that's like postponing a car bomb today in exchange of a nuke tomorrow because it's in the interest of the politicians to keep postponing today because they're like, well, hopefully when the bp oil spill happens or hopeful hopefully when the financial crisis -- >> not on my watch. >> as you know. >> i couldn't agree with you more. the reason this hasn't gotten done now is because of a political demography on both sides. not plesnant some people's minds
4:25 pm
and you're going to lose your job and you won't get re-elected and that's what's stopped people up here in washington from tackling these challenges. i have to tell you though, dylan, if we don't start tackle these problems now, they tackle us. they will give us the kind of economy where we will give our kids an inferior standard of living. you know that as a fact. who are willing to put out a vision for the future and act on it and not worry about the next election, not worry about their career but worry about whether an american can reclaim itself. >> i couldn't agree more. we're on the same page. congressman, talk to you soon. nice to see you. >> you too, dylan. still ahead, kudos to a pro basketball team taking a stand in the immigration debate. los suns playing tonight in a key playoff game. but first $30 million for the world's most expensive car. it's today's "by the numbers." boss: so word's gettin' out that geico can help people save in even more ways - on motorcycle insurance, rv, camper, boat insurance. nice work, everyone. exec: well, it's easy for him. he's a cute little lizard.
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all right welcome back. a u.s. citizen allegedly tries to blow up fellow americans, not to mention a symbol of our country in this case times square. should he still be counted as a u.s. citizen? that just one of the hot-button political questions asked and spurring political backfighting to say the least. today less than 48 hours after the arrest of confessed times square attacker and connecticut resident faisal shahzad, senator joe lieberman introducing a bill that would amend an existing law and strip suspected terrorists of their citizenship. the senator explained his position moment ago. >> if an american citizen is shown to be -- have joined and worked with a foreign terrorist organization whose aim is to attack and kill americans i don't think it makes any sense to continue to give them the privileges of american
4:34 pm
citizenship. the american citizenship is a privilege, it's not a right. >> lieberman also joining gop leader's attack on the issue miranda rights. deja vu argument from the christmas day bombing attack since yesterday. republicans blasting the obama administration for reading shahzad his miranda rights. republican whip eric cantor saying it is evidence that u.s. security seems to be "a rapid state of retreat." however, it is interesting to note that there is a little known exception to the miranda process rights that was employed here. take a lift seen in joint terrorism task force and officers from nypd interviewed their shahzad last night and early this morning under the public safety exceptions to the miranda rule. he was eventually transported in another location, mirrandized and continued talking. >> the public safety exception cited there by fbi deputy director john pistole allows
4:35 pm
evidence gathering pre-miranda rights if legitimate concerns. engine i catch you and fearful of a bomb in a hotel or restaurant, i have the right to not mirandize you in that context until i find out whether in fact you are responsible for something like that. there may be an imminent threat, exemption aside, pistole notes shahzad kept talking even after he was read his miranda rights, in fact he's still talking. so much so that investigators have decided against bringing him against court for a scheduled arraignment today because he's still there in talking. didn't want to interrupt his fruitful interrogation by the fbi. not blatantly defined by the flag that flies over some particular nation state but is instead invisible to us, but for the ideology that may drive our enemy, how do we ensure that our defense strategies as a nation are effectively adapting to this
4:36 pm
ever so modern threat? and if we're going to create a different class of criminal, then who'll decide who is a terrorist and who isn't a terrorist and who will be treated with those particular characteristics? joining us now in a "d.r. exclusive" democratic congressman from texas, sylvestre reyes. this, his first interview since shahzad was arrested for the failed bombing and it's a pleasure to see you. let's start with the news itself, what is the latest both from the interrogation and any ties back to the middle east? >> well, dylan, first and foremost, i -- i think we've seen a case where outstanding work was done by the police department, nypd, by the fbi, cbp, the -- all of the various intelligence agencies, and also observant new yorkers that first reported this case.
4:37 pm
this is still an ongoing investigation. i don't think that it's useful, all the unnecessary political carping that's been going olargely by my colleagues on the republican's side because one of the concerns that i always have is that the enemy looks and learns from statements that are being made by politicians and -- >> sure. >> -- and on both sides. and the analysis, sometimes very good, that is done by you in the media. >> yeah, no, i think jon stewart earlier this week was making fun of the media for the precision for which they were describing how the car bomb could have worked better. >> correct. >> do you have anything you can tell us about whether this man was indeed in any way coordinating with a larger group, whether it is inside of our borders or outside of our
4:38 pm
borders. does the reporting of the travel to pakistan mean anything? >> well, first of all, we know that he had relatives in pakistan. he was originally from pakistan. so with -- with those facts and the fact that -- the most important fact being that this is still an ongoing investigation other th investigation, it's too early to tell, it's too early to speculate whether he was part of a conspiracy or had help or what actually happened. we simply don't have that information yet. >> the biggest question the one i was asking in the setup to our conversation, have we adapted enough, can we adapt more, our tools -- is it possible to fight an enemy who is not under a nation state but or a flag but under a visible ideology? >> well, there are a lot of factors that go into that, but the one thing that is clear is
4:39 pm
that the professionals in intelligence and law enforcement, those that are charged with keeping us safe, are adapting to these -- to these attempted attacks. and the other part of that is that, it's resonating around the country that everyday americans should be alert to things that seem out of place, to things -- and to observe and report things that don't look right. that lesson i think is important in this particular case. >> let's stop there for a second, though. >> okay. >> because if you presume some weapon of some kind that there had been repeated attempt. s to deploy a weapon again if it was in one of our cities like in new york city a few days ago or on an airplane at the end of the day law enforcement, intelligence, computers, dogs, whatever it is, can only do so
4:40 pm
much. it's as if everybody else in this country has to truly understand, for instance, somebody like myself who works in midtown, they are at war with us. not abstractly, literally. and it is as a result, is our responsible to have the awareness of that fact. is that a fair interpretation? >> that's correct. and i think that's one of the lessons from this particular case. you had a couple of gentlemen as they were doing their business, a couple of vendors that noticed suspicious activity. one noticed smoke coming from a car that was left running. and immediately had the presence of mind to go report it to the nearest officer. so that, i think, is something that will reinforce, we open, the fact that as americans live their lives, they need to be alert to these kind of situations. >> 911, the best response? >> well --
4:41 pm
>> in other words, when you say when you see something, say something is that who you say it to? >> well, it depends on what the circumstances are. obviously if there's an officer nearby, that's your first indication that you report it to them. you're in a mall, to a security official, if you've got a cell phone, dial 911 and report the suspicious activity. all of these things i think we're going to have to get used to becoming more and more part of the way we carry on our lives in public places and maybe even in our neighborhoods. >> yeah all right listen congressman, a pleasure. >> thank you. >> thanks for the time. turning to our -- >> thank you. >> thank you. turning to our "dig list" creepy and dirty. they say, pay your taxes or else. look at this. >> your name is tom. you live just off of fifth street. nice car, tom. nice house. what's not so nice is you owe
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we're back with "busted. "first, if oil spill conspiracy theories, really, some on the right suggesting the disaster in the mexican gulf may had been on purpose. here's glenn beck talking about it this morning don imus' show. >> i don't think president obama blew up the oil well. >> now are you sure of that? >> what was he supposed to do? >> now this after former fema director michael brown, who of course took care of our country during katrina, told fox news that the president let the spill get worse on purpose.
4:48 pm
to further his political agenda. >> he's never supported offshore drilling and now he has an excuse to shut it back down. this is exactly what they want. because now he can pander to the environmentalists and say i'm going to shut it down because it's too dangerous. >> so he's deliberately allowing a volcano of oil to pour into the gulf of mexico, mr. brown, in order to serve his political purposes. white house press secretary robert gibbs fired back not even challenging mr. brown's comments. >> mr. brown intimated on fox and it wasn't -- i will editorially say didn't appear to be pushed back on it too hard. >> what is his, mr. brown's atbutions. >> i can only wish that the network that you had worked for asked him prior to interviewing yesterday. >> when it comes to washington
4:49 pm
politics apparently no disaster too big for conspiracy theorists to belittle the debate. remember all they want is power even if it means the total destruction of our country, some of these people. fortunately there's way more of us than there are them. next a political ad you simply have to see to believe. dan fanelli challenging alan grayson in florida that promotes racial profiling. >> does this look like a terrorist or this? it's time to stop this political correctness and the invasion of our privacy. let's face it, if a good-look rip guy without much hair was flying airplanes into the twin towers and would have no problem being pulled out of line at the airport. >> not much to say about that but we do expect florida voters will give you an earful the next time they're standing next to you at the airport or better yet the next time they're at the polls. anyway, next seinfeld star
4:50 pm
spoiled by a typo. julie elaine dreyfus when she neid her name was misspelled. it read "l-u-i-s. and no hyphen between luis and dreyfus. the walk of fame folks are going to install a new corrected version. a little spell-check and julia will get the misspelled stars a souven souvenir. kudos in order for the phoenix suns. the team is state wear los suns jerseys tonight on cinco de mayo to arizona's new immigration law. the suns take on the san antonio spurs tonight in game two of the western conference semifinals. team owner robert sarver says the spanish jerssemeant to "honor our latino community and thegersity of our league." the state of arizona and our nation. around here we call that a slam
4:51 pm
dunk. still ahead a visit with our friend locked up inside of his house. he came by way of skype yesterday. foreclosure standoff. day four, forbearance for the banks. how long will tolerate the big banks sticking it to america. and then on "hardball" chris talks it a reporter held in pakistan for seven months. what he has to say about the chance of the plots that we saw over at times square over the weekend. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time...
4:52 pm
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welcome back. to the "town square" we go, checking in with an ohio resident in day four with a
4:55 pm
standoff with local police over the foreclosure of his home. yesterday, you'll recall, we were able to talk to keith sadler and his supporters who are insisted home with him, via skype, this video from yesterday. day four the police have turned off power to the house. still mr. sadler is speaking outs. he joins us now by phone. mr. sadler, how are you doing today? >> caller: well, we're hanging in there. right now, we have -- we have -- obviously we have no power in the house. our backup power became a little bit of a problem. the exhaust was backing up into the house. and so we had to shut that down so we're back dark again. >> how long did you live in this house before the foreclosure happened? and why is there a foreclosure on the house? >> caller: well, i've lived here since 1989. so a little over 20 years. and i started buying it in '98. so -- and they're foreclosing on me because at a time that i had
4:56 pm
injury from repetitive work in a factory, you know, i had -- i was off work for quite a while in having two surgeries and i got behind on my payments and you know wanted to work with the bank, trying to maybe redo my loan and they ended up pulling the plug out from under me and didn't want to work with us. >> and how long do you intend to remain in the house? do you have food? is there -- does the waste system work in the house? >> caller: well, we have food and we have water. we don't have -- you know we brought water in, so that's -- we still have that here. and we've also had people bringing us food, small food, bringing it through a two-inch hole that we have in the front window. >> and the police are allowing others to approach the house and put things in for you? >> caller: well, the police are actually not here. the people that cut cable and we
4:57 pm
do someone from the sheriff's department was ununiformed and they didn't have the -- the utility company pull the meter. they actually cut the cable. so they actually really put us in a little bit of a danger. it could have caused sparks and maybe a fire inside. >> and how closely have you been following the government's decisions to -- again, we discussed this previously yesterday -- to provide forbearance, infinite supply of money to the largest banks and yet not providing forbearance or even the acknowledgement of the accounting fraud that's at heart of this system created by our politicians and banks, have you been following this? >> caller: well i mean, a lot of this, because i haven't had -- other than internet access, you know i haven't been able to have cable and regular tv at my house, you know, i'm trying to cut back on my bills. >> of course. >> caller: so i haven't really been -- been hearing it, except what you were telling yesterday what i heard on your show.
4:58 pm
but i mean it doesn't surprise me. we know who gets the politicians elected. >> yep. listen, we'll maybe talk to you tomorrow, keith. good to know that you're at least well supplied. keith sadler, locked in his house in ohio, fighting foreclosure after 20 years. that does it for us. i'm dylan ratigan. "hardball's" up right now. good-bye dubai. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off tonight, cracking the terror plot. it's looking more and more like the pakistani/taliban was behind this times square terror plot. we're learning now that the taliban provided training to faisal shahzad during his five-month stay in pakistan last year. how is it that this guy got
4:59 pm
back, unexposed to this country after his taliban training? and then was able to pay cash for a one-way flight to pakistan, passed through airline security, and board that plane while the feds were hot on his tail? that's my question for a national security council official in just a minute. also, david rhodes is the "the new york times" reporter who was held by the taliban in pakistan and waziristan in fact for the seven months until he escaped. he says we can expect more of these terrorist attempts if the u.s. doesn't convince the government of pakistan to go into tribal areas and root out terrorist bases. david rode joins us tonight. and ed markey says if bp doesn't fix the oil leak in the gulf and do fast their initiates will stand for bayou polluteir. what did you know, and when did you know it? and leave it it to the right to figure out how to blame president obama for both the oil leak and the times square bomb plot. the radio talkers and right wing


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